Home Remedies for Abrasions

Causes for abrasion

Abrasions are mere external scratch or injury on the topmost skin layer known as epidermis. This can be caused due to various reasons such as sports injury, falling from some small height, accidents, traumas, and bed sores. Initially, there will be bleeding and usually abrasions get healed without any sign of scar on the epidermis. But in few cases where the abrasions are deep may lead to tissue scarring. But the common factor is that abrasion injuries happen owing to the skin that gets into contact with some rough surface. Many times we see a grazed skin appearing pink or red. They do not bleed but has a burning sensation and pain. This is mainly because the 2 nd layer of the skin might have got exposed to the injury.

Young kids and children are the common victims of such abrasions. Scrapped knee and arm bruised are the best examples of skin abrasions. Similarly, sportsmen an amateur or a professional are surely supposed to fall a victim to abrasions. In fact there must not be a single day without abrasion. It is the sign of their activity. But for them, adults also tiptoe on something or suddenly become victims to abrasions and they are the people who opt for immediate home remedies than any other medicines.

Home Remedies for Abrasions

Abrasion remedies from herbs

As abrasions are a result of mere rubbing of the skin to tough surface, clove oil was applied as a disinfectant on the wound and then cinnamon was used as an antiseptic. Natural products such as clove and cinnamon are good examples of home remedies for abrasions. They can be applied gives a burning feeling and subsides immediately. Honey also is a wonderful antiseptic medicine as it heals the abrasion quickly. Tea also can be applied externally to stop initial bleeding and is one of the best remedy for fighting against bacteria. Turmeric is one of the best abrasions home remedies readily available in the first shelf of the kitchen and salt are best as they heal abrasions very quickly.

Abrasions remedies from flowers and leaves

Some other significant natural remedy for abrasions are crushed marigold flowers. These are applied externally. Similarly, there are various other leaves such as parsley leaves, plantain leaves, dock leaves, geranium leaves, and comfrey leaves that are either crushed or pounded and applied on the abrasion. Subsequently, onion juice and tea prepared from sage also are right external applications to avoid bacteria. Compressed witch hazel as well as lavender was also used for external applications. Iodine then acquired prominence and was used frequently on cuts and abrasions.

Extracted home remedies and diet

The significant home remedies for abrasion is to apply lavender oil on the affected area as it heals abrasions instantly. This can also be disinfected using thyme tea or with a combination of water and the essential oil. Another good remedy is the home made ointment made with comfrey, tea tree and calendula.

Besides this one of the most effective abrasions treatment suggested is Aloe. Aloe contains anti inflammatory as well as anti bacterial properties. Aloe helps in healing any type of wound on the skin and abrasion is no exception. Calendula is also an anti-inflammatory, antiseptic as well as astringent and is effective as it promotes fresh skin growth besides stopping the bleeding. Diet plays a vital role in treating abrasions. Eating nutrient rich food and proper balanced food is essential for treating abrasions. Especially keeping distance from drugs, smoking and alcohol is very important. Fruits, leafy vegetables, and less oil foods are of great assistance in healing any abrasion. This is one of the good diet for abrasions.

Treating an abrasions

Treating an abrasion is the first step to be taken care such as cleaning the injury and keeping it free from infection is very essential. When the wound is more than a normal abrasion, it demands involvement of a physician. Cleaning is essential as dirt or debris has to be cleaned from the wound. Cleaning and dressing the wound quickens the healing procedure and avoids contracting infection as this is quick in abrasions. A tetanus injection is advised in case of serious abrasions. Treating an abrasion through abrasions cure is getting popular as the advantages are remarkably high with no side effects and we save time and effort as well.