Home Remedies for Depression

Out of all the emotional disorders, depression is the most common. Depression can be manifested in varying degrees. Depression can range from feelings of a calm sadness to dejection and utter misery. For those of you that have never experienced depression and for those of you that have experienced depression you should know that depression is considered an unpleasant malady and depression are a lot more difficult to deal with than a physical ailment would be.

Symptoms of Depression

Depression has a couple of striking symptoms which includes inexplicable sadness, an acute sense of loss, a loss of energy, fatigue and a loss of interest in the world that is around you. A frequent occurrence would be disturbed sleep. Depression’s other symptoms are giddiness, loss of appetite, nausea, irritability, agitation, constipation, impotence, aches all over the body, frigidity, pains all over the body, indecisiveness and lack of concentration.

When there is a cause of severe depression, it will be characterized by low blood pressure, low body temperature and shivering accompanied by hot flashes.

What Causes Depression?

Mental depression can be caused by extended periods of tension and anxiety. Depression can also be caused by indiscriminate or excessive use of drugs which results in faulty assimilation of minerals and vitamins by the body which ultimately causes depression. Now that you know what the symptoms of depression are and you know what causes depression, you may want to consider the home remedies for depression that are available for you to use.

Home Remedies for Depression

Among the most popular home remedies for depression, you will find apples. When it comes to mental depression, apples are very valuable remedies. Due to the chemical substances that are present in apples such as phosphorus, vitamin B and potassium, apples help the synthesis of the glutamic acid, which controls the use of the nerve cells. You can take apples with honey and milk. Not only will this be a very effective remedy, it will also like as a nerve tonic and will recharge the nerves with life and new energy.

Depression cure - Nervous weakness and general depression are a very valuable remedy when it comes to the treatment of depression. Cashew nuts are rich in vitamins especially vitamins that are classified in the B group. Thiamine is one of those essential vitamins that are classified in this group. Thiamine is very helpful in stimulating your appetite as well as the nervous system. Thiamine is also rich in riboflavin which in turn keeps the body cheerful, active and energetic. Among the best natural remedy for depression, you will also find asparagus. The asparagus root can be found very beneficial in the overall treatment of depression. This root is very nutritious and it has also been used as an herbal medicine for certain mental disorders. Whether you know it or not, it is a really good tonic for the nerves and the brain. You can take one or maybe two grams of the powder from the dry root one time a day.

Cardamom is also listed under the best depression home remedies. When using the powdered seeds of cardamom, you need to make sure that you boil them in water and then prepare the tea in the normal way. There will be a very pleasant aroma mixed into the tea, which you will be using as medicine for the treatment of this condition. Lemon Balm is also a very effective treatment in depression. This is one of the effective depression treatment.

Lemon balm is an herb that alleviates the brain fatigue and it also lifts the heart out of depression and raises your spirits. Lemon balm is included in the best home remedies for depression. All of the home remedies are very effective that are listed in this article. Now that you know what causes depression and what the symptoms are of depression, you will be well on your way to treatment and you will be able to live a much better life.