Home Remedies for Toothache

Toothache is caused due to tooth decay resulting from faulty diet. The main cause of tooth decay is having soft drinks, candy, refined carbohydrates, pastries and sugar. The sugar is broken into acids by the bacteria present in the mouth. This causes decay in the enamel when it gets combined with the calcium. Toothache may be shooting, sharp or constant.

If tooth is not well treated, it results in extraction of the tooth. Toothache is a common problem that occurs without prior warning. Neglecting initial tooth care leads to various problems. Extracting a tooth affects the nerves, so preventing tooth extraction is the best.

Home Remedies for Toothache

Home remedies for toothache are the effective remedies. Garlic with rock salt positioned on the affected tooth relieves pain and cures it. Garlic clove chewed daily makes the cured teeth strong. Recently, it was confirmed that one raw onion consumed everyday will cure tooth disorders. Lime is one of the opulent sources of vitamin c and is very useful in maintaining the tooth health. It prevents teeth loosening, toothache, bleeding gums and dental caries. Wheat grass juice is one of the best natural remedy for toothache as it is an explicit mouthwash for tooth decay. Wheat grass can also be chewed as it eliminated toxins from the gums and controls bacterial growth.

Asafetida is also very useful in toothache curing. Placing it on the cavity of the tooth relieves pain quickly. Bay berry bark combined with vinegar applied on the affected tooth relieves toothache and applying it on gums is useful as well as it strengthens them. Clove oil is believed to reduce pain as it possesses antiseptic properties. Pepper with common salt is best in preventing foul breath, bleeding gums, dental cavities, toothaches and painful gums. This also helps in alleviating the toothache. Gums should be massaged twice in a day as until the gums are stronger, the tooth can be withheld for a longer period of time. This is one of the important toothache remedy.

Diet for Toothache

Dental health totally depends on the diet. The teeth condition depends on the daily food. Dental decay, gums infection and bone destruction is due to inappropriate diet. In fact, with proper diet the jaw bones and the teeth can be harder and strong for a long time. Sugar intake should be reduced for having a healthy tooth. Inclusion of raw vegetables as well as whole wheat bread is essential for good tooth. Tooth decay can be easily prevented with a proper diet. Frequent snacks are harmful to teeth. Eating a sweet at the closure of a meal is best than having it between meals. This is one of the useful diet for toothache.

Tooth ache cure - Eating too much of chocolates and sweets are the main cause of tooth decay. Similarly, drinking too hot or cold is also one of the vital reasons for causing tooth ache. So taking any drink such as tea or coffee with normal heat is mandatory. A proper tooth cleaning is necessary to avoid tooth decay. Touching the gums is also essential to improve the blood circulation. Avoiding smoking or having tobacco in any form is best for tooth. Tobacco is harmful for the tooth and causes tooth decay.

Natural Remedies for Toothache

Some of the toothache treatment also include herbs. The butternut bark was believed as effective to alleviate toothaches by the Native Americans. Calendula petals are used as herbal medicine. Calendula blossoms eliminate ulcers as well as tooth aches. Tarragon leaves or roots assist in alleviating the tooth ache and also is an anesthetic until reaching a dentist. Yarrow grows in meadows, roadsides, fields and as well as in open woodlands. Yarrow helps in stopping the toothache. The dried flower bud of the clove stops toothache effectively. Raw plantain leaves mixed with salt and rubbed also prevents toothache. In few paces, roasted eggplant with salt is also extensively used for preventing toothaches. Slippery elm powder with water is a good mouthwash and is useful for bleeding gums.

Home remedy for toothache is best as initial treatment. This can be rectified with the consultation of a dentist.